The ground effect


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Niki Lauda won the Formula 1 World Championship the third time in ‘84 but this wasn’t the only thing he did during that year.
‘The new Formula One: A turbo age’ was published by Motorbooks International and was talking about the ground effect used in F1 during the late ‘70s and early ‘80s and the damage done to the driving skill of the pilots by the use of this effect. The book seems to be highly technical but should be an interesting read for the fans of F1.


The Life of a Gamer


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I’m 45 years old. I’ve been playing games since I was 8 and making them professionally since I was 18. During that time there have been an amazing number of technological advances.. better consoles.. better computers.. amazing video cards.. smartphones. As a result of that technology we’ve seen some simply astonishing games take over out lives for long periods of time.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I started to take a closer look at the arc of my own life as a gamer and open my eyes to the fact that my journey is really different than the one my kids are on. I see the gaming world through the eyes of someone 45 that grew up on consoles and early PCs. My kids (I have 4.. 3 of which I would consider hardcore gamers) grew up in a very different gaming world than I did. They’ve…

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1984 (For the Love of Pop's Greatest Year)

Ok readers – it’s time for a Pop Quiz. Ready?

The phenomenal 80s albums Purple Rain, Parade and Around the World in a Day were recorded by whom?

If your answer is ‘Prince,’ then please head to the back of the class and receive five demerits.

The correct answer is Prince and the Revolution.Prince and The Revolution poster

Without a doubt Prince, the solo artist, is a musical GENIUS. But together with his band, his genius expands. In 1984, the multi-racial, sexually ambiguous, mysteriously cool group of men and women known as The Revolution represented a musical and social utopia. It’s a powerful thing to see oneself represented on TV and film and whether you were male or female, black or white, straight or gay –  or somewhere in between – you could see a cooler version of yourself reflected in the band’s line-up.

Every time I saw Purple Rain (at least 3 times that summer) …

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Lego Uranium Search Vehicle 1984





Back in ’84 I received this set of Lego from Santa, 3 months after having picked it out from a tent filled with numbered toys at my dad’s company.


Behold the Uranium Search Vehicle 1984

Some of the set survived my childhood, the vacuum cleaner and many house relocations over the past 30 years.

I managed to rebuild it with what I have a day ago in celebrating the memories it gave me so many years ago.


The bits and bobs that make up the detail are sadly lost to time.



The vehicle axles and some of the wheels are lost too, making the vehicle look far less intimidating.


Don’t you just love the Lego Space logo?


The back of the vehicle is the Lab where analysis takes place.


The white block used to have a PC monitor printed on.

Happy 30th birthday to my very first Lego set! You…

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There was this girl, prolly a dancer, dressed Madonna/Like a virgin style, riding on a carousel, talking about how, in 1984, she arrived at the Dance festival of Montpellier searching for everything that is new, trends, contemporary dance, with burning eyes and a mysterious smile on her face.
The globalization started to really kick in.
Source: Mezzo
Picture: it’s me , like 10 years before the moment I was describing.

Rendezvous with (Banana)rama


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rama                                                                        This has nothing to do with Arthur C. Clarke’s novel or even with that movie.
It is more about the summer, the city burned by the sun and a UK pop-new wave girls band . Isn’t this great: science fiction , a cruel summer and a few bananas( hmm, or maybe some icecream )?
The city is crowded
My friends are away
And I’m on my own
It’s too hot to handle
So I got to get up and go .

Bananarama , Cruel summer
The minion picture is from minionslovebananas