The sound

A very important part in a teenagers life is music and so it was in my life too.
I was listening to all the hits of the week, month and year on my uber 4 band radio cassetten recorder Rolsound ( my avatar on fb – Eightyfour Theyear), modell 441 (that is exactly how it was written on it). “441?! Wow, now that is something…too bad its not stereo…why o why is not stereo… “
Well, it was mono and it recorded good enough, if the cassettes where at least of a medium quality. If not, the magnetic plastic tape got entangled between the moving parts of this ultimate (rolling) sound machine and the result was disastrous. The same thing happened when the cassette was C120, you know what I mean…Or you don’t? C120 – 60 minutes of music on each part, the usual was C60. Also, the magnetic recording head, a small cubic piece of modern technology, needed to be cleaned from time to time, or the poor Tina Turner sounded like she was singing from inside a barell. All was good till one day when i woke up  in a hurry and I stepped on my dear music box and all the buttons on top of it got smashed really bad – this seemed to be almost the end of the world as I knew it – some guy repaired it and life got back on track again.

About the music which The Great Rolsound played rolsoundthat is another story.

This is about what and why


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Hello everybody!
Let me tell you why a blog about 1984. Well, the whole thing was triggered by the last album of the great electronic music band Daft Punk : Random Access Memories. Not by the name ( which can bring in some nostalgia), but by the song Get lucky. And not by the original version but by Stephen Colbert’s extremely hilarious and well made piece of TV show, part of The Colbert Report. My wife happenes to be a big fan of the show and she told me about how Stephen danced disco style on the daft Punk’s hit, so I googled it and I said to myself: omg , this guy is realy having fun, dancing like that . He is doin it like me when I was 16, when those disco clubs were still around…so, let me think…me in high school, yes..around the year 1984. What a great year it was!
This was the beginning. I started to search for pictures about bands, movies, all kind of events, I even found a few pictures with myself , my home city and so on. Initially, the idea was to put all those pictures on a board on the wall. It would have been interesting, but only very few people would have been able to see them ; a blog would be great, I could write a little bit about every picture, everybody interested could see it and maybe comment about it.
That’s it and here I am, telling stories about the year (’83) 1984 (’85). Whenever I’l have time and be in the mood,I will write a new episode – it will be like a five minutes time travel for me and all of you who feel that 1984 was a great year in your life.
See you back in ’84!